We Are More Connected Than Ever Before

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The invasion of a sovereign nation should never happen, and my heart goes out to Ukraine and all of the people around the world affected and everyone trying their best to do what they can to help. I've been doing what I can with donations, spreading awareness, and contacting my representatives so they know my opinion. I don't know where all of this will go or where it will end up, but I know that I would like to live in a peaceful world.

Social media gets a lot of flack from all sorts of people. But, it is responsible for connecting the world in a way that we've never seen before. I won't rehash anything going on in the news, but I will say this:

нет войне

It means "No war" in Russian. I've been accidentally learning a bit of Russian from a friend. She and many of her friends and family do not support what has happened in Ukraine. They protest in a country hostile to anyone who disagrees with the government.

Without social media to connect us, I never would have known her in the first place. No matter what happens, remember that the actions of the Russian government do not represent the whole of the Russian people.

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