What Exactly Makes an Expert?

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What exactly makes an expert? An expert has comprehensive and authoritative knowledge on a subject or skill, but how do you know a person is an expert? I don't have a good answer for this. Often, it seems that there's a college degree plus years of experience, but what about things where such schooling doesn't exist?

Demonology, for example. Interestingly, there are now a few schools offering courses in demonology, but they're coming at it from a theological standpoint.

What about practical demonology? How do you know a person is an expert in the practice of summoning demons? Perhaps they have a Ph.D. in religious studies and can talk at a high level of demons. But, how do you know that when you give them $100 to summon up one of the minions of hell, they can actually do it—and without killing you or losing your soul in the process?

Writer questions, amiright?

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