Winter Moon Over the Desert, the Coming Spring, and Steady Progress

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I took this photo of the winter moon over the Tucson desert with my phone and was surprised at how well it turned out.

Do you remember when you had to have an actual camera to take pictures? It really wasn't all that long ago, but it seems like a world away.

Pepperidge Farm remembers.

The start of Spring is about two weeks away, and already there are signs everywhere here in Tucson that winter is coming to an end—like 80-degree days. After years of those long winters in Denver that never seemed to end, looking forward to a proper Springtime is a nice feeling.

What's New?

  • ちりも積もれば山となる。It's a Japanese idiom that roughly translates to "tiny dust, accumulated, becomes a mountain." I'm progressing on more newsletters and novel editing while business ventures are taking off. For all of you out there, with whatever you are doing, just remember that your continued efforts, no matter how small they may seem, mean the difference between letting dust float in the air or slowly but surely accumulating it into a mountain of accomplishment.
  • Next Week: A shriek from the jungle portends death.