You Never Know Where You'll Find...The Witches!

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Arizona isn't a place people typically think of when the word "witch" is mentioned, but you might be surprised to hear that the desert is not only full of life but also rich with...the witches!

(If you know what I'm referencing in that italicized/bold text above, then let's be friends.)

I've been seeing a lot of events, markets, and indie artists here in the desert that identify as witches, and it's pretty refreshing.

What's New?

  • I was going to break out the old book that's in the process of getting its old smell removed, but we've had winter rain here in Arizona, and the humidity has been hovering above 90%, which would put my work at risk if I brought out the book now. So, I'm waiting until the rain stops before I take it out of its ultra-dry environment.
  • I'm releasing an updated cover for Night of the Living Cake Monsters!
  • Next Week: An amusement park in Australia with the restless ghost of a little girl.