Don't Forget To Take Breaks

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With everything going on in your life, it can sometimes be tough to remember to take a break. Luckily, Mother Nature is out there constantly setting up signposts for us.

I stumbled across a mourning dove, taking a little breather away from all the other doves chattering and hustling. When I turned the corner on a sidewalk, there it was, having a cup of coffee and frowning at its smartphone. I tried recommending a social media break, but it just glared at me and continued doomscrolling.

A mourning dove in the shade on a sidewalk.
Exhibit A: mourning dove chilling in the shade. I know this is a mourning dove because the renowned Doctor Google, ornithologist extraordinaire told me so. I confirmed it with listening to hoo-hoo sounds on YouTube.

Still, a break's a break, and it was on break—even if it was chasing dopamine loops.

What's New?

  • I followed the teachings of the mourning dove chilling in the shade and binged a whole season of Hell's Kitchen this weekend with Tae. During my break, I learned a new skill. I now know (theoretically) how to punch raw or overcooked fish to make it explode.
  • Next Week: A legendary voodoo priestess predicted a Louisiana town's destruction.