Stormy Skies, Cloudflare, & New Projects

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Texas has some pretty awesome storms. I don't think I've mentioned that yet. For the last decade or so—and especially the last year and a half in Arizona—I didn't really see such massive storms. But now, I see them all the time.

This image captures a dramatic and imposing Texas sky characterized by dense, dark storm clouds blanketing the horizon. The clouds appear heavy and low, suggesting an imminent storm, with varying shades of gray and black dominating the scene. In the foreground, a highway stretches into the distance, its lanes empty and leading toward the brooding sky. Light from the vehicles reflects off the wet road, creating a shimmering effect. The stark contrast between the dark sky and the artificial lights creates a moody and foreboding atmosphere, typical of Texas weather when a storm is on the verge of breaking.
Like this stormy sky over Texas. The storm stretched the length of the state.

In technical news, I moved some things over to a service called Cloudflare. There may have been some weirdness with last week's newsletter because of it, but it should all be settled now.

In writing news, I'm in early planning for Project 9, and, thanks to Tae, I made a big breakthrough with a certain storytelling structural puzzle piece. I've also begun on a smaller project. I don't quite have a codename for it yet, but I'll probably be bouncing between these two projects for a while. For the second one (the unnamed one), I've been learning a lot of new things, which is always refreshing.

What's New?

  • I've moved DNS, so I'm watching the newsletters to ensure they go out okay.
  • I've gotten back to work on Project "9"—a new, longer piece of fiction. I've also started work on another piece of fiction—something shorter. I've found that these shorter pieces are nice to work on while I'm in the early planning stages for longer work.
  • Next Week: Keeping old films alive since 1993.