Tae's Notes & the Difficulties of Blurbing

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About two weeks ago, I finished the third draft of the novel WIP. I handed it over to Tae to go through it with her keen eyes. She's completed her read-through, and I now have a notebook of revisions from her. They're all straightforward but essential. I'll be starting on them this week, and unless something comes up, I expect to have them finished within a week. After that, Tae will do another read-through, and then the book will be off to beta readers.

My cat Cap'n Hammy Pants looking at a green spiral bound Mead notebook on the floor.
Cap'n Hammy Pants inspecting Tae's notes.

This past week, I've also completed a spoiler-free book blurb. It's 121 words, and I think it's a good teaser of what the book is about. This blurb will be going out to beta readers to give them roughly the same experience of reading the back of a book before actually reading the whole novel.

That said, blurbs are hard.

Really hard.

It's a delicate balancing act to say just enough about the story to get someone interested but not so much that you spoil anything.

What's New?

  • Notes from Tae, done. Blurb, done. Next up, work on Tae's revisions.
  • Next Week: Strange occurrences and spectral figures on a short road in Missouri.